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The Staff:


Matthew Sainsbury has been writing about games in Australia for some 10 years, working for publications including the now-defunct GBAcentral Website, Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, and recently Gamepro.com.au

He has also been a business journalist for four years, working in a freelance capacity for ComputerWorld Australian and PC World Australia before joining with trade publication ARN, where he is its Features Editor.

The Site:

Games and Business was born from a desire to raise interest in the stuff that happens in the background of one of the world's most important entertainment industries. Sure, it's easy to find reviews of games and discussions around consoles and PCs, but the business decisions that drive the industry forward can be deceptively interesting stuff.

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Whether you're in to tracking down news, improving the look of the site with visual assets, or even writing reviews of the newest games, we're very keen to hear from you.

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