Friday, July 9, 2010

Playdom acquires start-up, Metaplace

Social networking group, Playdom, is quickly setting itself up as a giant in the space, with its ninth acquision in the space of a year.

Social Express acquired by MTV

Yet another organisation has joined in the social networking gaming scene, with MTV Networks acquiring Social Express.

505 Games and Biart Studio take horror into the deep

505 Games has partnered with Biart Studio to publish Deep Black on the Xbox and PlayStation 3.

Opinion: Has Activision had a change of heart?

In the past, mega-publisher, Activision, has been accused of driving teams too hard and stifling creativity, but that seems to be changing.

Firaxis layoffs won't affect Civilisation V quality

Development studio, Firaxis, is the latest company to be struck by a staff downsizing.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

OnLive lag: not that bad

OnLive has had its fair share of criticism with regards to lag, but science lab results suggest that it’s nowhere near as bad as the early adopters claim.

Hose down fires with Creative Distribution's Real Heroes Firefighter

Creative Distribution will self-publish its upcoming simulation title Real Heroes Firefighter on the Nintendo Wii platform.

Microsoft digital revenue well ahead of Sony and Nintendo

Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform was worth $US1.2 billion in the past year, according to figures from Bloomberg.

Is Nintendo considering a Kindle-like wireless service?

Japanese wireless carrier NTT DoMoCo is in discussions for implementing 3G network technology in portable video game systems.

Warhammer Online finds new European publisher

EA has assumed the European publishing rights for MMO, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning from the GOA division of France Telecom.

Read Games and Business on Kindle

Games and Business is now available in a Kindle edition:

Let me start first up by saying we are still working out the ins-and-outs on Kindle publishing. At this stage the plan is to offer up a bi-weekly Kindle edition, with original content into the future. Any feedback that our growing readerbase and provide on this edition to make it better into the future will be greatly appreciated.

So, enjoy. We hope the Kindle edition of Games and Business into the future will be a useful and enjoyable addition to your overall experience with us.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Codemasters gets a shot of morpheme for Bodycount

Codemasters’ upcoming FPS, Bodycount, due for release in 2011, will use the morpheme engine for animation.

Australia and America alike in censorship concerns

The current controversies facing the censorship of video games in the US is an uncomfortable echo of the local Australian conditions.

Blade Kitten headed to digital distribution for Europe

Europe will soon get its hands on Atari’s anime-inspired slasher, Blade Kitten.

Bad reviews can hurt game sales

An interesting study has found that game review scores do indeed have an impact on how popular a game is in the marketplace.

Review of the week

Each week, Games and Business publishes a review on a recent game. Last week it was Samurai Warriors 3 on Nintendo Wii, what's up this week? Click here to find out!

Villain releases deathmatch FPS on iPhone

The range of games available on the Apple iPhone has expanded further, with a new full-featured multiplayer FPS from indie publisher, Villain.

PlayStation 4 confirmed to be in development, and developer friendly

Sony has admitted the obvious and announced it is developing the PlayStation 4, but what is interesting is the claim that it will be developer-friendly.

Games industry needs a successful Nintendo 3DS launch

The games industry will be looking to the 3DS to kick-start it back into growth, according to one analyst.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Major upcoming conference in the UK pulls industry heavyweights

The upcoming Develop in Brighton Conference is set to be a hit, with some heavyweight industry support.

Coconut Dodge joins a host of upcoming PlayStation Mini releases

Coconut Dodge has joined the growing list of Minis available for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

University exhibition features 60 machinima films

The interest in games-as-art grows, with the Queensland University of Technology's new art gallery, The Block, featuring its first machinima collection.

It's movie time! Red Dead Redemption

A Short Film Made From Red Dead Redemption is a 30 minute short film, created and directed by John Hillcoat - the Australian behind The Proposition and Ghosts of the Civil Dead.

Metacritic stat suggests games are getting better

If the stats of review score aggregate, Metacritic, are to be believed, the overall quality of videogames is on the increase.

Budget title, Swords, set for September release through Majesco

Panic Button and publisher, Majesco, have partnered up to produce a new sword-fighting game for the Nintendo Wii.

Monday, July 5, 2010

iPlay Gaming takes a crack at the iPad market

iPlay Gaming has seen potential in the iPad, and has released a high definition version of its flagship PC puzzler, Paradise Quest.

Just how popular is Red Dead Redemption?

A fun infographic has given some insight into just how popular Red Dead redemption has been.

Acquired Disney developer contemplates Android success

It looks like Disney will be throwing some weight behind the Android platform, with Tapulos games earmarked for Android releases.

Q & A with indie developer on making games

Indie games development has a different set of challenges and rewards, something that part-time developer Juuso knows all too well – having formed his indie development company, Polycount Productions, way back in 2005.