Saturday, July 3, 2010

Survey claims consumers still prefer physical media to downloads

A recent survey indicates that despite the interest in digital content by major publishers, consumers are not entirely prepared for the shift in medium.

Deadly Sin 2 to channel classic Final Fantasy for a modern audience

An indie developer is attempting to channel retro, Final Fantasy-style RPGs with its upcoming Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith.

Xbox 360 on the comeback in Japan?

The Xbox 360, a console that has traditionally struggled in the Japanese market, has had a massive boost in popularity.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cricket finds a home on the DS with Fuzzy-Frog's Freddie Flintoff's Powerplay

Nintendo DS Cricket fans finally have a game to represent their sport on the console, with Fuzzy-Frog games announcing Freddie Flintoff's Powerplay.

Indie developer, Juuso, conceives horror opera

An indie developer is taking a shot at a horror multiplayer experience with The Infected Game

Is the Xbox 360 on its last legs?

There’s an interesting conflict in opinions going on, in regards to how the Xbox 360 will fare in the market.

Square Enix announces exclusive PSP multiplayer RPG

Square Enix has announced a new, exclusive game for the PSP.

Console sales dips 20 per cent

According to the May sales results in the US, hardware sales are plummeting.

Disney develops digital content capabilities though iPhone developer acquisition

Disney is the latest company to delve into digital distribution developer acquisitions, picking up Tapulous.

Slitherine announces new strategy game: Battlefield Academy

Slitherine, the publisher behind military strategy games such as Field of Glory, has announced a new turn-based strategy game.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New match-3 epic throws hat into the ring

Developer and publisher, 10tons, is seeking to capitalise on the popularity of match-3 puzzlers with Heroes of Kalevala.

Online games retailer enjoys record year

UK-based online games and accessories retailer, ShopTo.Net, has announced massive growth in its financial results.

Silence vuvuzelas with new iPhone game

Quite possibly the most timely game of all time has been released on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Teyon supports DSiWare with new title

The 3DS might be coming, but that isn't stopping a number of prolific DSiWare publishers from pumping out more material for the soon-to-be obsolete console.

Capcom ups the ante with its online e-store

Capcom and its e-commerce solutions provider, Digital River, have extended their relationship for another two years.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The games industry needs sales figures

A call for a weekly top ten sales charts for the US games industry is something that is easy to echo here in Australia.

Aussie distributor: Wii market is 'concerning,' but there's a silver lining

Australian Nintendo and Sony distributor, AFA Interactive, has admitted the Nintendo market is ‘flat,’ but remains optimistic in the wake of E3.

Sony PlayStation 3 finally profitable

The PlayStation 3 hardware is finally profitable for Sony.

PSP gets virtual console

The recent PSP update points to Sony’s handheld console getting a ‘virtual console’ of its own.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dynamo looks to capitalise on World Cup with new Facebook game

The ever-increasing lineup of Facebook simulation games gains yet another player, with Dynamo Games announcing a soccer management title.

Leipzig games convention bigger than in 2009

The Games Convention Online, held at Leipzig, is shaping up to be a success, with 32 exhibitors signed up.

Opinion: 3D will alter games marketing forever

The marketing of video games is set to receive a big shake-up with visually-unfriendly new mediums of entertainment entering the market, and a big in effective advertising techniques towards online-based platforms.

Alone in the Dark composer forms new company

The composer behind two well-known horror games has formed his own music composition and production company.

PlayStaton firmware update allows video editing

Sony has announced a new firmware update for the PS3 that brings a bevy of new social networking features to the multimedia console.

Activision joins TIGA to support UK tax break

Activision Blizzard has joined TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nintendo enjoys a surprise boost in DSi XL sales

Despite concerns over the compatibility between the Nintendo DSi and upcoming 3DS’ online downloads, the DSi XL has enjoyed a massive boost in sales.

Stonetrip builds community for its development engine

3D engine developer, Stonetrip, has launched a new community Website to provide customers with additional development resources.