Friday, June 11, 2010

Nnooo announces new DSiWare downloads

Australian ISV, Nnooo, has announced a number of new products in its myLifeCollected series.

myDiary is a new application for the Nintendo DSi console, available for download through the DSiWare service. It will allow users to keep track of appointments, make journal entries and set alarms.

Nnooo will also offer enhanced versions of its successful myNotebook product - a basic note-taking application, also through DSiWare. The myNotebook products will allow users to create 128 'pages' of content, export their notes as photos to the DSi console's memory, and a number of interface improvements over previous editions of the software. The new range of notebooks will be available in three colours - Tan, Carbon and Pearl.

All four new products have been planned for release between July and September 2010. These kinds of simple applications have proven to be enormously successful on the DSiWare service to date, so it's no surprise to see Nnooo continue to develop products of this kind.

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