Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Google tosses up to $US200 million into Zynga's kitty

Google, in its bid for a successful launch of Google Games, invested upwards of $US200 million in Zynga.

According to a report by gamesindustry.biz, the exact figure was somewhere between $US100 million and $200 million.

Also according to the report, revenues for Zynda in the first half of the year were at $350 million, of which half was operating profit, and the company is projecting 2011 operating profits at $1 billion.

It's a significant investment into a company that probably won't yield any exclusive games - Zynga continues to be closely involved with both Facebook and the Apple apps stores. At the same time, a strong lineup of casual or social games was all but required by Google to enjoy a successful launch to its new service, so there can be little surprise that the giant splashed out on one of the biggest social games players.

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