Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hose down fires with Creative Distribution's Real Heroes Firefighter

Creative Distribution will self-publish its upcoming simulation title Real Heroes Firefighter on the Nintendo Wii platform.

In Real Heroes Firefighter, players take on the role of a probationary firefighter, and will wield axes, hoses and the jaws of life, amongst other tools in order to extinguish fires and save lives.

In a release, Creative Distribution new business manager, Kevin Young, said “we're highly excited to be bringing this game will appeal to such a large audience and being a being a firefighter is a unique proposition in gaming, it's an inspirational and highly positive experience."

While the Wii’s Wiimote controller has been used for sword fighting, club swinging and boxing, this may well be the first time it’s used for water-spraying. The game is due for release in September.

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