Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Startup, Dire Wolf Studios, to build trading card MMO

Former head of Sony Online Entertainment, Denver, Scott Martins, has formed a new online games company.

Dire Wolf Studios will initially focus on producing a multi-faceted game world that will utilise multiple clients, connecting to a single back-end space, according to a report at Industry Gamers.

What this means is players will be able to access the single game from Web, mobile devices, consoles and other digitial media forms.

The developer has appointed a number of trading card veterans - the team includes people involved in the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game (TCG), Stargate TCG, Everquest TCG, Star Wars Galaxies TCG and Free Realms TCG.

This level of experience alone makes the studio's first release exciting. To be based on a MMO title and launch some time in 2011, the game will be a TCG.

Watch out, Magic the Gathering Online, there's a genuine new competitor in the ring.

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