Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ubisoft: TV advertising is still worthwhile

Ubisoft is standing firm in support of TV advertising as a means for developing brand awareness.

Both THQ and EA have recently come out and stated that television is not the future for games advertising, but in an interview with, Ubisoft UK marketing director, Murray Pannel, claimed that, while expensive, television advertising was a valuable marketing channel.

"I imagine the reason [EA and THQ are] doing that is because TV is so very, very expensive - and to some extent as a marketeer you have to watch your costs," he said.

"Does a big TV advertising campaign work for every product? Probably not, but for the big ones I certainly believe that nothing else will give you the broad reach - and speed of reach - that TV will deliver."

Television certainly in in a better position currently to demonstrate 3D games - a potential headache facing Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3D games marketers, but I imagine that for the most part even Ubisoft will focus in more on building brands through social media into the future.

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