Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Australia and America alike in censorship concerns

The current controversies facing the censorship of video games in the US is an uncomfortable echo of the local Australian conditions.

The current state of a impending US legislation that would make it illegal to sell violent games to minors is well covered by In the article, executive vide president and general manager of Disney Interactive Studios, Graham Hopper, is quoted as saying "it’s not about having a dramatic impact on our bottom line, it’s going to make our retailing abilities a nightmare."

These concerns echo conditions in the local market, where it is still illegal to distribute any material that would be restricted to an R18+ audience.

In December 2009, Nnooo creative director, Nic Watt, through an open letter cited losses from shipping costs, retail income, GST and marketing as harming an industry unable to supply adult material.

It’s easy to understand the concern of the Government and authorities with the ability for impressionable minds to have access to adult material, but measures that restrict the financial development of the games industry should be an equal concern.

Australia, especially, needs the introduction of an R18+ rating, for a legitimacy point of view, if not financial.

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