Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Major upcoming conference in the UK pulls industry heavyweights

The upcoming Develop in Brighton Conference is set to be a hit, with some heavyweight industry support.

Media, entertainment, gaming and technology companies will set up shop in Brighton to deliver keynots and sessions from 13-15 July. These companies include Sony, Google Japan, Pixar, Rare, BioWre, PopCap, Activision and Ninja Theory.

Individual keynotes will be delivered by such high-profile personalities as Tim Schafer, Louis Castle, Andrew Dayton, Sean Millard and Iain Tweedale.

Sessions will focus on such hot topics as 3D gaming, why game sequels are better than film sequels, how to develop for mobile and online, how to grow a user base from 100 to 100,000, and the importance of lighting and sound.

In a release, event director, Andy Lane, said “with the launch of new technologies, the rapid rise of new formats and the increasing diversity of new methods of development, sales and distribution, Europe no longer has a ‘traditional’ games industry as such, that’s why this year’s Develop in Brighton Conference looks way beyond ‘traditional’ gaming to offer our most varied content and extensive networking social calendar to date.”

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