Monday, July 5, 2010

Acquired Disney developer contemplates Android success

It looks like Disney will be throwing some weight behind the Android platform, with Tapulos games earmarked for Android releases.

According to a report in Pocket Gamer, Tapulos CEO, Bart Decrem, has talked up the digital developer’s Android plans.

In the story, he said "When I started Tapulous, we thought about the iPhone as the beginning of the mobile decade. But as the iPad came out, with the iOS operating system, it's not just about mobile phones. It's the iOS decade and the Android decade."

Tapulous is a growing entity - perhaps why Disney went for the acquisition. The developer numbers around 30 staff currently, and will continue to support the Apple iPhone format, which it found a great deal of success on with Tap Tap Revenge.

As the story also notes, Decrem’s comments should not be considered an official confirmation of any release of Tap Tap Revenge on the Android platform.

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