Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rising Star Games takes a gamble with niche games and DSiWare

Rising Star Games has found a quirky new set of Japanese niche titles to bring to western markets in the DSiWare GO series.

This distribution deal with Gamebridge will see Rising Star publish renowned Japanese development studios. Studios announced in the partnership so far are G-mode, ArtePiazza, SUZAK and TOM CREATE.

The games will be released between September and December 2010. The first two games will be 10 Second Run and Defence Wars - costing 200 points (or $3) a piece.

In a release, Rising Star Games managing director, Martin Defries, said "The GO Series offers great casual games for great value. We are really pleased with the studios that have come together to create this series."

At this stage it is unknown whether the games will also be available in Australia, although Rising Star Games does publish into this market.

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