Sunday, August 22, 2010

Video: Nintendo launches Metroid: Other M, shows off backstory video

In celebration of the release of Metroid: Other M, Nintendo of Australia invited a number of competition winners and media to an evening launch event.

There, the vendor showed off a video, providing a full backstory to the Metroid series.

Samus is one of the more minor Nintendo characters, so it looks like with the new game Nintendo, in collaboration with Other M developers, Team Ninja, are attempting to build her character into a more mainstream one.

I doubt Samus will ever reach the heights of Mario, but considering how popular the character of Ridley was in the Alien movie series, and how much inspiration Metroid pulls from those cinema masterpieces, I have always felt Nintendo could be doing more to promote the character behind the rock-solid action game.

Either way, enjoy the video taken of the event below:

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