Monday, August 23, 2010

Gamer-Party Limited startup joins ever-more crowded casual gaming market

Another casual games developer has been formed - this time featuring former Atari, EA and Vodafone staff.

Gamer-Party Limited has begin development on two unannounced titles, with a Q4 2010 Beta release targetting.

In a release, the developers claim to have enlisted the help of an ever growing community to influence development of the new titles, with some even directly involved in the production.

“We want to provide a really deep online experience for people and have enlisted the help of those who will be playing the games” said co-founder, Richard Jeffery, in the release.

“The Casual Games Industry really represents a lot of opportunities to us right now and we’re hopeful of rolling out a full beta release of our games and site by the end of this year”.

It will be interesting how many more of these casual games developers the industry can handle before it reaches a critical mass.

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