Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zine e-zine relaunches, focuses on the artistic side of games

Fans of the more artistic side of the gaming industry should be excited by the relaunch of e-magazine, Zine.

An interactive, advert-free e-zine, Zine focuses in on the demoscene – or productions that are designed to show off programming and audiovisual skills in real-time.

The end result is often very artistic – for instance, the PlayStation Network ‘game’, Lost in Shadows, is a demoscene project, and would feel quite at home at an interactive art exhibition in a gallery.

Zine itself will offer up articles about demoscene development, interviews, and reports about outreach activities. The most recent issue (linked to below) also features an interview with Academy Award visual effects supervisor, Kevin Mack (Fight Club, Ghost Rider).

In a release, Zine editor-in-chief Alexander Strohm said "The demoscene has made outstanding productions in the dark over decades, but now the creators really want go out there and show the world what they are capable of."

The current issue of Zine can be found here.

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