Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is Game looking for a backup plan to retail?

Bricks-and-mortar retailer, Game, has taken its first tentative steps into digital download distribution, in the process proving that all levels of the industry has its eyes on a physical media-free future.

In a report on, the retailer has launched a portal that will automatically update a user's PC games. While no full games will be available on the service, yet, there's the clear indication that the retailer will consider that in the future.

It seems to be a wise decision. Issue 216 of Edge magazine reported a tough future for the UK-based retailer with a growing presence in the local market. Over the last 12 months, year-on-year profits have dipped by £34 million, sales were down 10 per cent, and share earnings dipped by 28 per cent.

Game needed to do something. Thankfully, the retailer has proven willing to engage with the online community. It has set up a presence in Sony's answer to Second Life, PlayStation Home, and now has dipped into digital distribution.

While no one is predicting the immediate demise of retail, it's good to see traditional retailers looking to find relevance in a world that is going to move down that path.


  1. GAME are like sheep, they see a good idea and they take it and make it their own. Thing is, there is already enough people doing this, places that people trust, places that will no doubt offer better discounts. GOG, Steam and other places like that will be reactive to this. GAME will gain a few customers to begin with but I doubt they will keep up with established companies. They should concentrate more on giving better deals to their customers.

  2. I see this is something they had to do over at Game. If indeed the industry is moving towards digital distribution, then traditional retailers would have no choice - they either join in, somehow, or become redundent.

  3. Very true but it will also mean that they will PC customers. Not good in my books.