Friday, October 15, 2010

Say goodbye to Krome Studios, Australia's largest games developer

It would seem it's the final days for Krome Studios, the largest Australian game development house.

A report at Tsumea has claimed the developer has given the remaining staff at its Melbourne and Brisbane offices immediate notice, with the doors to formally shut on Monday.

It's tragic that such a significant member of the Australian development scene has gone under, but not really a surprise, Krome had already been struggling and made significant staff cuts, as well as closing its Adelaide offices.

Like many organisations relying heavily on overseas investment, the extreme strength of the current Australian dollar hurt Krome badly. Currency fluctuations have historically had a massive impact on Australian games organisations, and was the primary force behind distributor, Red Ant's fall from grace.

Krome's final release, then, would appear to be the digitally distributed Blade Kitten.

Check out some of the highs of Krome's very long history here.

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