Monday, June 28, 2010

Nintendo enjoys a surprise boost in DSi XL sales

Despite concerns over the compatibility between the Nintendo DSi and upcoming 3DS’ online downloads, the DSi XL has enjoyed a massive boost in sales.

The Japanese hardware charts are as follows:

• Nintendo DSi XL: 30,183
• PSP: 20,929
• Wii: 19,045
• Nintendo DSi: 18,214
• PlayStation 3: 17,175
• Nintendo DS Lite: 5126
• Xbox 360: 2060
• PlayStation 2: 1568
• PSPgo: 837

The boost in DSi XL sales comes after a drop in price from ¥18,900 to ¥15,000, and the release of yellow, green and blue models of Nintendo’s largest DS platform.

This figure does surprise me. At E3, Nintendo announced the 3DS, but was tight-lipped over whether customers would be able to transfer any DSiWare purchased on previously owned DSi or DSi XL consoles.

Currently, downloads are locked to a single console – should a consumer upgrade a DSi, or have a DSi break down out of warranty, there is no way to recover any DSiWare software purchased.

It is a controversy that has made a number of consumers wary of Nintendo’s online services, and cemented the vendor’s position at the bottom of the pile when it comes to online.

The high sales of the DSi XL despite the upcoming 3DS suggest that either people don’t care for DSiWare, or are planning to maintain two consoles simultaneously.

Either way, it’s a remarkable feat for Nintendo – rarely, when a successor is looming so close will an older console see a threefold increase in sales.

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