Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Atlus is no more

Some very sad news for niche publishing - RPG specialist, Atlus, has been dissolved due to financial pressures.

A report from gamesindustry.biz states that Atlus parent, Index Holdings, cited a need to refocus its business efforts on 'profitable core areas.' The statement has a silver lining, however - Atlus' current projects would be unaffected and the brand itself will continue in some capacity into the near future.

Which means the exciting upcoming Catherine should be unaffected.

Atlus had a somewhat less significant input to the local market - high profile games such as Demon's Souls was published by different organisations to Atlus (Bandai Namco in this instance). However, it remains sad news from a global perspective. Atlus was one of the few publishers willing to take genuine risks with game projects, and RPG fans in particular will feel the loss keenly.

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