Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV to allow name transfers from XI

Square Enix appears to be firmly committed to supporting both of its Final Fantasy MMORPGs, announcing a new deal to those who subscribe to both.

It seems anyone who was concerned that the looming Final Fantasy XIV meant everything they achieved in Final Fantasy XI was for naught can rest easy. The publisher has announced that existing players of XI will earn bonuses for also investing in XIV.

Specifically, those bonuses are: a saving of up to €5.95 on the base XI monthly subscription fee, assuming you're paying for that account using a credit card. This offer will remain in effect until January 2011.

The second bonus is a special XIV in-game item. Called Hermes' Shoes will automatically appear in qualifying player's inventories.

And finally – and this is the big one – Subscribers to both games will be able to transfer their XI character names to XIV. Considering how attached you can become to your avatars in MMOs, this is a big deal.

It might seem like small bonuses on paper, but the fact that Square Enix is recognising its long time fans is a good sign that the publisher has the right philosophy about the MMO world.

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